Staying Organized a DAILY LIST

by Suzanne Collins, Organize My World
Everywhere we look we see the word ORGANIZE.
Here are a few examples from one day's mail.

  • Catalog Cover asks, "Did you resolve to be more organized?"
  • Flyer states, "Imagine your home totally organized!"
  • Newspaper’s Home and Garden Section, two articles on organizing, first one on home offices and the second on kitchens; and a bonus third article which satirizes organizing titled, “A Pack Rat Fails at Reform and Embraces Her Clutter”, CUTE and funny but not very helpful.

Here’s one single tip that will help you organize your whole day, every day

Staying Organized a DAILY LIST

Use what ever you like best, a small notebook you can carry, day runner, I-pad or Tablet. I use a simple piece of paper 8 ½ x 11. (see sample sheet below) I check it every day, at the start of the day and here’s how I use it:

  • Checking the Master List, I then move items to categories on the other side.
  • I number items to prioritize projects for each new day.
  • I cross out items when done. (That’s the fun part)
  • I keep using the same list, adding items to the Master List as they come up. When I run out of space or it gets too messy, I start a new one.
  • It’s easy to take with me, often just in my pocket. Because I use it every day, I don’t forget it (like I used to forget my grocery list).
  • I keep a stack of blank photocopies sheets handy in my command center in the kitchen. Photocopying makes it very inexpensive to use.
  • There is room for grocery lists and notes.
  • Errands that can be done close to each other, I group together; this saves time and extra driving around.
  • At the end of the day I tack my list to the bulletin board in the kitchen. The next morning when I get up and start wondering, “Where do I start today?” The answer is as close as my kitchen!

What I love about my list, simple as it is:

Having a list allows me to keep a clear head.
I know everything is on my list.
Once something is on my list it’s no longer demanding my attention.
A few well spent minutes in the morning starts my day out right.
Now I can concentrate on whatever is the number one priority on my list.